"Surge Capacity", in hospital parlance, is the number of additional patients a hospital can admit before it becomes incapable of accepting new patients. Every hospital has a stated surge capacity. The average surge capacity for hospitals across the nation is twenty. That means if you happen to be number twenty-one during an area-wide emergency event, you will not be admitted, no matter how life-threatening your condition. 

Hospitals are run with a profit mind-set. They plan and prepare only for the average number of patients they can expect to receive under normal circumstances.  Many hospital supplies are delivered just-in-time, which means they stock only what they need for existing patients; additional supplies are ordered and delivered on an as-needed basis.

Sadly, health is almost completely overlooked when it comes to emergency preparedness.  Becoming independent of the healthcare system is important now and will become increasingly important following wide-spread disasters.  The less you have to rely on doctors and pharmacies, the closer to off-grid you are. Even homeopathic solutions are not reliable for long periods of time.  Medications become increasingly ineffective beyond their shelf-life, requiring you to take more than the prescribed dosage— and making it impossible to store your meds for extended periods.

Learn what you can do to turn the tide of declining health and what you need to do to prepare now.

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