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Founder - The NOAH Project

Sid Morris

Founder - The NOAH Project

When I first learned about the devastating effects an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) would have on our country, our families and our way of life, I wanted to do something about it. Unfortunately, there was no definitive source to turn to for answers. Well-respected organizations like the Heritage Foundation and EMPact America are working hard to educate and lobby our Congress to the vulnerabilities of EMP but nobody had answers to the hard questions I was asking.

The trials and tribulations of sorting through massive government bureaucracy, urban myths and endless supposition on the internet convinced me that if I was going to save my family, I had to do something myself. The NOAH Project came about as the result of that effort. First, I assembled a team of the country's top experts on the subject of EMP and hardening electronics, as well as alternative off-the-grid energy and self reliance authorities.

We have now embarked on our mission. Please join us so that you can quickly learn how to protect your family and save precious time - because TIME is something we don't have on our side.